Short introduction

A peaceful town with 3355 inhabitants, located 8 km north-west of Pardubice. Originally a minor settlement, Bohdaneč experienced a boom at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries when the owner of the Pardubice dominion Vilem of Pernstejn built an extensive pond network in this area. The Pernstejn pond network, at that time numbering some 300 ponds, was powered from the Labe river through the artificially built Opatovice waterway, the largest waterworks in Bohemia of that time. This over 32 km long canal was opened 500 years ago and still serves its original purpose. The pond tradition in Bohdaneč has remained, traditional autumn pond harvesting attracts fish lovers from the surrounding areas. In addition, the ponds provide rookery to rare types of water birds. The Bohdaneč and Matka ponds areas have been declared national natural reserves and bird areas for preserving the spotted crake.

A further boom for the town occurred at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries upon the establishment of mud baths by Jan Veselý, a Bohdaneč native. The spa industry, focusing on the treatment of movement disorders, together with its surrounding nature predestined the future recreational character of the town.  The flatland invites visitors for walks, bike trips along marked routes or for horse rides. The picturesque nooks of the Opatovice waterway attract recreational cruises.

The town offers classical, as well as modern architecture, namely the unique work of Josef Gočár. The spa pavilion Gočár, which in 2013 celebrated the 100th anniversary of its opening, found its recognized place in architecture textbooks as one of very few buildings in the cubist style. Further architectural heavens, the original renaissance town hall and a baroque St Mary Magdalene church, are located on Masaryk square. Not only these, but also other significant places in this town can be visited as part of an educational trail called the Gočár circle. The spa atmosphere, a place of relaxation and salutary peace are complemented by the surrounding landscape, not only the spa, but also the town centre with fountains.